Essential Freshwater Fish Supplies

These essential freshwater fish supplies are must-haves if you want a successful fishing trip. The important thing is that you determine what kind of angling you will be doing, and fill your tackle box accordingly. Nothing can put a damper on a trip like learning that the fish are biting on something in particular, and you are not set up to accommodate them. Don't say we didn't tell you so. 

  1. Fishing rod. Of all the freshwater fish supplies, this is one of the most important. The kind of rod you need depends on the style of fishing you will be doing. However, a good six to seven foot medium action rod should do nicely in most situations.
  2. Reel. There are many options for fishing reels. There are spinning reels, bait casting reels and closed-face spinning reels, among others. The latter is an excellent reel for beginners, as well as those who don't like to mess with complicated reels. A sturdy reel that will hold up to twenty pounds of line is sufficient.
  3. Fishing line. You can get fishing line from a freshwater fish supplies store in all kinds of test strengths. It depends on the fishing situation as to what line you need. The lighter the line you can get away with, the more fish you will catch. In most freshwater situations, a 12-pound test line will do; but it is good to have some lighter, like 8-pound test, and some heavier line, around 20-pound test, as well.
  4. Hooks. You will need a variety of hooks in small, medium and large sizes. For live baits and things like marshmallows, corn and salmon eggs, you will just need a standard snelled hook. For Texas-rigged plastics, you will need worm hooks. For cat fishing, you need treble hooks.
  5. Sinkers. Get weights that clip onto the line for most fishing. Those that slide up and down the line are good for fishing with plastics. Hooks that tie on are good for cat fishing. Get sinkers that range from light to heavy.
  6. Floaters. If you are not going to be fishing off the bottom, floaters are one of the essential freshwater fishing supplies. They hold the bait up so the fish can find it easily. They also signal you when you get a bite. Medium size floaters will work well in most situations.
  7. Line cutters and pliers. You will need these supplies to trim the fishing line and to remove hooks. There is no need to buy two separate tools; you can get one tool that is a combination of both. Make sure the pliers are needle-nose to get deep into a fish.
  8. Fishing lures. If you don't use live bait, you will need a good assortment of fishing lures. Lures that resemble small bait fish are the best. Get them in small to large sizes, and in a variety of colors.
  9. Stringer. If you are going to keep the freshwater fish you catch, you will need a stringer. This allows you to keep the fish in the water until you are ready to call it a day. You can get a simple nylon stringer, or one that is made of metal and has a separate clip for each fish. The latter is better.
  10. Tackle box. You will need something in which to put your essential freshwater fish supplies. A good tackle box should have a variety of compartments to store the line, lures, hooks, and such. Make sure there is enough separation so you can find the things you need quickly without scrounging around through the tackle box. Also, make sure you keep it tidy for the same reason.
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