Essential Furniture For A Studio Apartment

If you are planning a move, there is essential furniture for a studio apartment that needs to be purchased before the big day. Because there is a limit on space, it is important to choose studio apartment furniture that fits the room well, serves more than one purpose and keeps with your personal sense of style. Start with the basics before move in and if you find yourself with extra room, add other pieces as needed.

  1. The most essential piece of furniture for a studio apartment is a futon. It serves as both a bed and a couch, giving you more room to entertain and a place to sleep. There are special covers that can work as a comforter as well as a covering that makes the futon look more like a couch.
  2. Find a small table that can be placed in front of the futon or beside it as an end table. You and your guests need somewhere to put drinks, magazines other items. Because a dining room table may not be essential furniture for a studio apartment, you can use this table to eat on and sit and get work done. It won't take up as much room and it can be pushed against the wall if you need the extra room.
  3. You need somewhere to put your clothes. Try to find a dresser that can either be pushed inside of the closet (if you have one) or can be used as a TV stand. If you have the space, you can store all of your video games and movies in the top drawer and your clothing underneath. Remember that multipurpose furniture is essential to a studio apartment.
  4. You need to find a lamp that doesn't take up a lot of space. You don't want to have lamps everywhere, so try to find one lamp that produces a lot of light. Because floor space is precious, try to find a narrow one with a smaller base. Lamps with multiple bulbs that can be adjusted to point in various directions around the room are perfect for a studio apartment.
  5. TV trays, while not traditional furniture, are essential for a studio apartment. You can fold them and put them in a closet or behind the futon so they aren't out all the time. If you have company over or just  need a little bit of space to get a project done, you can pull one out and set it up in a minute or two. If you need to leave one out for an extended amount of time, just place a towel or even a place mat over the top to give it a nicer look.
When it comes to essential furniture for a studio apartment, try out these key pieces and slowly add in others over time.
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