Essential Golf Clothing For Men

There are several items that make up essential golf clothing for men. A successful round of golf means several hours of focused attention out in the elements, and being outfitted with the right things will go a long way toward a round close to par.

  1. Golf glove. A successful golf shot requires a tremendous amount of muscle memory and precision. Getting a club to square up with the ball at impact means the ball will fly far and straight, and having a good, solid grip is key to controlling your swing. A golf glove—on the left hand for righties and the right for lefties—helps to keep a firm, unmoving grip on the club and is essential golf clothing.
  2. Polo shirt. A nice, comfortable, free-flowing shirt is part of essential golf clothing for men. A golf swing requires a lot of torque and turning of the torso, and a comfortable polo allows this to happen without putting restrictions on the body. In addition, some courses have rules against wearing t-shirts, making polos essentially required.
  3. Golf shoes. A quality pair of golf shoes is essential golf clothing. Shoes have cleats and help a golfer keep good footing during the entire golf swing. Modern cleats are rubber or plastic and nearly all courses have rules against older, metal cleats. Investing in a pair of waterproof shoes is essential, as it is not uncommon to find at least some water, if not just dew, on the course.
  4. Visor/hat. A hat is essential golf clothing, as keeping the sun out of one’s eyes is important for concentration and comfort. In addition, having the sun beat down on your face for several hours will likely result in a nasty burn. A hat will allow a golfer to focus on the ball, and not on squinting.
  5. Sun block. While this is not something you think of as a garment, sun block is essential golf clothing. Being out in the sun for several hours can take it’s toll on your arms, face, and the back of your neck. Keeping your sun protected during the hot hours of the day is very important.
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