Essential Kids’ Gymnastics Equipment

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about essential kids' gymnastics equipment. This equipment is not only necessary for providing a safe environment for children who are learning or performing gymnastics, but can also improve athletic performance. Use a combination of these materials for best results.

  1. Folding mats. These are an essential piece of kids' gymnastic equipment that must be provided to ensure a safe environment. Look for folding mats that are as thick as possible, and cover as large of a surface as possible. In some cases, you may be able to rent these mats for a small fee from local gymnasiums.
  2. First aid kid. This is another piece of kids' gymnastic equipment that is essential to have on hand. A first aid kid should contain band aids, scissors, athletic tape, and a number of other pieces of equipment. First aid kits that are designed especially for athletic use can typically be found at most sporting goods stores.
  3. Parallel bars. These are one of the primary pieces of gymnastics equipment, and should be included for children who are learning the sport. Typically, these bars should be relatively low to the ground, especially for those who are just learning the sport. As skill level increases, the height of the bar can be easily increased.
  4. Balance beam. Finally, no good gymnast can improve without the use of a balance beam. As with the parallel bars, balance beams should initially be set up relatively low to the ground, and increased in height as skill level increases.  
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