Essential Krav Maga Clothing

Krav Maga is considered a street martial art, meaning your essential Krav Maga clothing will not be as extensive as those worn for other martial arts, such as Tae Kwon Do or Ju Jiujitsu. Loose, clean clothing that allows you to move without hindering your movements is key here. Here are the main essential items you should wear before attending a Krav Maga session:  

  1. Comfortable, loose-fitting trousers that fit your body type. Many people opt for jeans that fall just below the ankle. Baggy trousers that extend past your feet are not recommended because you can trip over them. In contrast, super tight trousers can make it more difficult to move. No matter what you choose, make sure you can move comfortably in it, whether that is a pair of jeans, yoga pants or simple exercise trousers.
  2. A simple shirt that fits your body and doesn't get in the way. A sweat-wicking shirt is preferable because you will work up a sweat during these sessions. Sweat-wicking shirts absorb the sweat as your work out, which keeps you dry. Sleeveless shirts can also be worn and may be even be preferred in hotter weather.
  3. Good-fitting shoes. Although most Krav Maga experts opt for regular tennis shoes, shoes with a stiff bottom are preferable because it stabilizes the foot. This helps you keep your balance as you perform these moves. Wrestling or weightlifting shoes are your best options here, but stiff inserts placed inside regular tennis shoes can also serve as a cheaper alternative.


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