Essential Luxury Car Accessories

What essential luxury car accessories do you just need to have? You've seen them. Those so called luxury cars with no accessories in them. Absolutely nothing. What's the point of buying a brand new Benz if you have to manually roll down the windows? Can an automobile be considered a luxury vehicle without certain essential luxury car accessories in it? No it can't. Cars without these essential luxury car accessories are the owner's feeble attempt to impress others without the true means to do so. People that buy luxury cars without the luxury stuff are just living above their means, just trying to be show offs. OK now that that's out of the way, what luxury car accessories are essential? What does every luxury car need to have?

  1. Automatic windows. Don't laugh. There are cars on the road pretending to be luxury vehicles that are "equipped" with manual windows. Not the older models either. Out there, somewhere, is a guy driving a 2010 Lexus with manual windows. Nothing against manual labor, but if you have to put your back into rolling your windows down, your car ain't luxury.
  2. Heated seats. If you live in California, this may not be that important. If you're back East, however, you know the importance of thawing your butt out on a cold winter day. Heated seats is an essential luxury car accessory that'll keep you from experiencing hypothermia in New York or Chicago during the winter months.
  3. Heated steering wheel. Pretty self explanatory. Who wants to wear gloves on a cold day. Just press a small button and your steering wheel will get you nice and toasty.
  4. Leather seats. Not only do you need the heat from the seats. You need to be sitting on leather in order for your car to be in the luxury category. None of that synthetic micro fiber crap either. Real leather. You all know that real leather has a certain smell. So, if your seats smell like you're going surfing, then you got shafted.
  5. Entertainment console. It's no longer called a tape deck or CD player. It's an entertainment console. You've seen them. And you need them in order for your car to reach that luxury car status. They usually have a multiple CD disc changer. They also have a hook up for your MP3 player. The higher end ones even have GPS and a DVD player. If you're driving around in a Range Rover without one, make it a priority to hit an electronics store today. This is an essential luxury car accessory that you just have to have.
  6. Blue tooth. Blue tooth is everywhere. Now, it's in your cars. You can wirelessly connect your cell phone to the speakers and receivers of your car. As a matter of fact, those higher end entertainment consoles usually have this capability. You need to have this in your vehicle. How embarrassing would it be to be pulled over in your Porsche because you were talking on your cell phone while driving?
  7. Automatic parking. Yes, luxury cars are being built with the capability to park themselves. Wow. Needless to say, you've just got to keep up with the Jones'. They've got a car that can park itself while you're twistng your neck trying to fit into a parking space. That's not luxury. Get a car that can park itself.
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