Essential Manners For Men

You need to learn these essential manners for men, because no woman wants a slob. You might be surprised, but there's a lot of guys walking around with absolutely no clue about how to act around a woman. Maybe they weren't raised right. Maybe these dorks just want to stay single. Whatever the reason, these clowns make it bad for the rest of us. We need to break this cycle of ignorant guys being unleashed to the public. Lets make sure you know and understand certain essential manners that men need to interact with women properly.

  1. Self-Respect first and foremost. The first and most essential set of manners men need is respect. You need respect for yourself before you can even try respecting someone else. Having self respect means acknowledging who you are and not compromising your self for anything.
  2. Presentation and hygiene. This should be a no-brainer. There's other ways to offend people than by what you say. When you're in public, make sure you're clean. Make sure you look clean. Don't be dressed all sloppy. If you truly respect yourself, then it shows outward as well. Not to mention, looking like crap is a deal breaker if you're seeing someone.
  3. Respect for the opposite sex. Well, this essential set of manners is common sense. Being a jerk is just not cool. Woman have enough problems. They don't need you adding to their issues. Most guys that feel the need to disrespect women usually have some deep rooted insecurity issues. If this is you, you need to step up your self respect game. Please see the previous paragraph.
  4. Understanding your surroundings. These set of manners are very essential. If there's a time and place for everything, know which places you can and can not do certain things. Talking loud and swearing is cool, at Dodgers game with your guys. Talking like a sailor with a woman you're starting to get to know is a no no. We all understand that people are multi faceted. No one acts the same way all the time in every situation. But, some actions just aren't acceptable in certain places. If you have to  question if you can act a certain way, then don't.
  5. They say chivalry is dead.It's your job to prove them wrong. There's nothing in this world a man can do that a woman can't do just as well. It doesn't mean that she doesn't like to be treated like a lady. Old school gentlemanly ways are all but gone, but women haven't forgotten them. These manners are definitely essential. Opening doors, pulling out her chair. Things to show the lady that you recognize she's a lady still need to be done.
  6. The only good pork is on a plate. Women really aren't attracted to swine. In other words don't be a pig. There's a proper way to do everything. Approaching a woman solely for sex is ok. You can believe that many women do the same. Treating them like a piece of meat however, is unacceptable. No one wants to be told outright that their being objectified. These very essential set of manners for men are called subtlety. It's not the message you're trying to convey, it's how you go about getting the message across that counts.


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