Essential Martial Arts Party Supplies

There are hundreds of types of Martial Arts; however, whether you or your child is into Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Kung Fu, Judo or Kajukenbo, there are some very essential Martial Arts party supplies for adults and children of both genders that no host should be without when celebrating. Here are a just a few Martial Arts party supplies to set your guests towards their “path of enlightenment.”

  1. Centerpieces, tablecloths, cups, plates and loot bags. Any or all of these are essential Martial Arts party supplies depend on the age group you plan on entertaining. However, since it is a Martial Arts theme party, you may not choose to differentiate age issues. Just go with Martial Arts party supplies that have pictures of foot and hand combat, and it will still be in keeping with your objective. For your loot bags, throw in some handy weapons or even animals, such as dragons, tigers or leopards.
  2. Shirts for all! Celebrating a child or an adult’s indomitable spirit with matching t-shirts is one of the most essential Martial Arts party supplies needed. It can be kooky or cool, but works two-fold. 1) It unifies the team by showing they are a singular unit and 2) it broadcasts, “We are in the house” when celebrating complete tournament domination, or even simply commemorating the end of Martial Arts summer camp. If you can get a bulk rate, personalizing the shirts with the individual’s name would be impressive. Do not underestimate the physiological power of the t-shirt when it comes disarming an opponent.
  3. Black belts, head bands wristbands, oh my! If giving your guests Martial Arts apparel is huge, decorating them is an essential Martial Arts party supply "must have." Of course, you will not use their own gear and clothing; just go to a fabric store and purchase inexpensive long strips of colors that your group uses and decorate them any which way you please. If it is a child’s Martial Arts party, embellish the Martial Arts belts with symbols showing particular kicks and punches. Make a game of them winning the belts. In this way, every child has a chance to advance through the different degrees.
  4. Scrapbook or photo album. What Martial Arts enthusiast would not enjoy having a memory book featuring them rendering their opponent useless? Snap a picture of them at practice or during a competition and place it on the cover of the album. If it is a child’s Martial Arts scrapbook, you may want to add stickers, pieces of fabric and other mementos inside the inner cover. The book’s pages do not have to have clear plastic insets; blank pages will do just fine. They can always tape or glue their photos, ticket stubs in it later. Additionally, if it is a graduating black belt ceremony, you may want to make one for all the Martial Arts instructors.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Obviously, you will not be hosting a little old lady’s knitting class. Your guests may pride themselves on their mental discipline; but they are still warriors at heart. Make sure to remove anything fragile or valuable, such as your grandfather’s urn.
  • Lastly, the above suggestions are just to get your creative juices flowing. Numerous essential Martial Arts party supplies can make your gathering unique, but you are the one your guests will remember, appreciate and talk about for years to come.



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