Essential Mixed Martial Arts Equipment

Learn about the essential mixed martial arts equipment you will need for your training. If you have taken up the sport of mixed martial arts, you will need to protect yourself so that you do not look like you stepped right out of Fight Club. Mixed martial arts, or MMA, can be dangerous. Here is a list of the essential equipment you will need to keep you from obtaining serious injury.

  1. Protect your groin with a cup. This is the most essential equipment for MMA and will protect your family jewels.  Although it is a rule in MMA to not hit below the belt, these types of strikes do occur.  A cup will protect your groin area from severe damage.  Serious blows can be very painful and hinder your ability to perform intercourse and even hinder your ability to father children.  Let's face it, you do not want that type of damage to occur.
  2. You will need a mouth guard.  A mouth guard will protect your teeth and your jaw from any hard blows you might take to the face.  Broken teeth or an injured jaw bone can be very painful and hinder your ability to eat or drink, and possibly your ability to talk.  The best mouth guards on the market are moldable to your own teeth so that you get a customized fit.
  3. Athletic tape is necessary for mixed martial arts.  Athletic tape is essential because it is used for lots of things.  You can use it around your knuckles to prevent scrapes, or around your wrist for support while throwing punches. In addition, using tape wrapped around the ball of your foot can help give your feet enough traction for your kicks to be forceful. 
  4. A heavy bag is essential.  A punching bag is essential for your mixed martial arts training.  You will need lots of practice striking, kicking, and hitting. A heavy bag will allow you to practice this on your own.  Practicing regularly with a heavy bag will help your kicks and punches to become more effective. 
  5. You will need a good pair of tight fitting athletic shorts.  Tight fitting shorts are the uniform for mixed martial arts. For the most part, you will only wear shorts.  You will not want your opponent to be able to grab your clothing and use it to pull you down. The best MMA athletic shorts are made out of materials that absorb sweat and allow your skin to breath.
  6. For practicing MMA, you need a partner.  Mixed martial arts focuses on fighting with another person.  Having a partner is essential for learning MMA techniques and moves.  
  7. You should have a sparing helmet.  For the most part you should wear a helmet for mixed martial arts.  Helmets will protect your brain from injuries like concussions or brain damage. You should not use a helmet with a face mask however, because they can have blind spots.  You will want to be able to see your opponent from all angles.
  8. A jump rope is essential mixed martial arts equipment.  In MMA, you will be fighting for several minutes at a time.  This is a very cardiac sport and your body should be ready for it.  Jumping rope can build your stamina for longer fights.
  9. A safety mat is used for mixed martial arts. You should always use a safety mat while training.  The nature of MMA is to get your opponent on the ground and you both will be spending a lot of time there.  A mat can help cushion your body and prevent broken bones from hard falls.
  10. If possible, a gym is the safest place to train.  In a gym, you will have all the privacy and space you will need for training. This is essential because practicing in a public place might cause others to freak out.  You do not want your neighbors unnecessarily calling the cops if they see you practicing MMA in your backyard. 
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