Essential Olympic Weight Lifting Equipment

A set of weights, a bar and a weight bench are not the only essential Olympic weight lifting equipment items you will need to become a high-level weightlifter. The stress you will put on your body to lift the heavy weights used in the Olympic games will require you to protect yourself from injury. Start training with light weights, and slowly increase the amount you lift as you add more muscle mass. Once you are lifting heavier weights, you will be on your way to becoming a world class weightlifter.

  1. A weight belt is an essential Olympic weight lifting equipment item you need. Try on several weight belts, and find one that fits your waist. Make sure the belt is comfortable, and has several extra notches you can expand to as you begin to gain some weight.
  2. Buy some weightlifting gloves. Most gloves are fingerless, and you want to be sure the gloves are not too small for your hands. Find a pair you like and mark another Olympic weight lifting equipment item off your list.
  3. You need knee wraps when you lift heavy weights. Some Olympic exercises like the clean and jerk require you to bend down during the movement, with a huge amount of weight on the bar. Knee wraps are the proper Olympic weight lifting equipment to protect your knees from becoming injured during heavy lifts.
  4. Wrist wraps are another Olympic weight lifting equipment item you need. These wraps can be worn during any weightlifting exercise that requires additional wrist support to perform the movement correctly. The wraps will protect you from injury and stabilize your wrists which will prevent you from dropping the bar.
  5. Get some weightlifting shoes. These specials shoes are pieces of Olympic weight lifting equipment you must have to provide extra support to your ankles. They will help stabilize your lower body during a heavy lift. Make sure the shoes fit properly and are comfortable to wear.
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