Essential Preppy Clothes For Men

Essential preppy clothes for men include a few choice items for each season. The exact definition of a prepster is open to debate but when most folks think of someone who is "preppy," the term means a person who dresses in a classic style from the mid-century period. Good taste is indeed timeless for preppies and a choice shirt or shoes may be part of a wardrobe that includes multiples of the same item in different colors and patterns. Male preppy dressers go for traditional and timeless design. The only flash may be a dash of color in a shirt or a pair of plaid golf pants. 

  1. Spring Essentials: Spring is a time for plaids and muted pastels. Heavy cotton duck long-sleeve shirts in muted plaids or solid colors make an essential for this season. Make sure the front color has a button-down color. Purists insist on a button on the back of the color, and perhaps a small loop right at the place where the back yoke meets the pleat in the shirt back. Perfect for pulling and collecting, when you're in a childlike mood. Heavy cotton duck, Bermuda shorts are a classic, as are cotton chino pants in beige, navy and dark brown for the cool days that still may be lurking in spring. 
  2. Summer Essentials: Summer is the season for preppy men. Colors burst, muted on most things, onto cotton for the essential preppy man during this season. Prepsters summer at the shore and essential clothing is necessary to the experience up right. A man must have a bright yellow cotton shirts and shorts, not to be worn together, of course. Colorful, leather boat shoes are a summer tradition in pale baby blue or even pink for men. Real prepster men have self-confidence enough to wear baby blue and pinks with panache. 
  3. Fall Essentials: Fall is sweater time and preppy men are all about sweater dressing. Solid color sweaters in fall colors, including green and brown, make the preppy sweater drawer a choice place for quick dressing. For prepsters who enjoy a bit more flash, sweaters incorporating an argyle design, muted, of course, is another essential preppy clothes for men. Heavy cotton chinos and, of course, corduroy pants mean cold weather is just around the corner. 
  4. Winter Essentials: Several quality coats for winter are the mark of a preppy dresser during the winter months. For trips to the seashore, a quality wool pea-coat is a must. For work and trips to the city, a cashmere wool coat meets preppy standards. Color options include a blended beige brown, black or navy. Other colors are considered too trendy. A barn coat is a necessity for working around the weekend farm getaway. Brown and dark green are colors that meet the preppy standards. 
  5. Multi-Season Essentials: A multi-season essential is an item of clothing that a prepster can pull from a drawer or closet and pop on at any time of the day in any season. A navy cotton sweater is an essential piece of clothing for all seasons, as are brown or navy leather dock shoes. A true preppy man can make these two items work for any season. Some preppy men fail to recognize that the season changes and continue to wear summer clothing essentials throughout the year. For prepsters living in Palm Springs or Key West, this single season mentally may work fine. For preppy men living in the upper Midwest or New England, the year-round summer wardrobe is not a good idea.
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