Essential Tennis Court Supplies

If you are looking for some guidance on finding some essential tennis court supplies, then look no further. In order to play tennis in a professional or even recreational manner, you will need the appropriate supplies, not only to improve your game, but also to adhere to the correct rules. While retail and online sports shops want you to believe that everything they sell is essential, you know that this is not true. In this article, we will show you the essential tennis court supplies, and explain to you why you might need each item. You can then decide for yourself whether you believe an item is essential or not.

  1. A tennis net. This item is absolutely essential to a tennis court. You just cannot play tennis without your net being the right height. You might want to use a meter stick to adjust your tennis net to the appropriate height on the court.
  2. A roller. Since most of us will be playing tennis outdoors, and tennis courts do get rained on, you might consider investing in a roller to suck up all the water when the rain is over. This essential piece of tennis equipment will help you get back on the court and play, instead of waiting for the water to dry out.
  3. Ball retrievers. You might think that you can just bend over and pick up your balls, but trust me, you will get tired if you are picking up the hundreds of tennis balls that will end up falling on your tennis court. A ball retriever can not only increase the speed you pick the ball up, but also save you quite a bit of back pain. A tennis ball retriever comes with tubes, carts and baskets for optimal ball retrieval.
  4. A training machine. Unless you have that awesome partner that can practice with you at any time of the day, then you might want to invest in a training machine. Training machines range from simple tennis ball constructions to full-on tennis ball machines. Find one that fits your budget and needs.
  5. A wind screen. If you are one of the lucky individuals that has a fenced court, and you live in an area with wind, then you might consider buying some kind of wind screen. These are really effective at reducing wind, and they will make your game go much more smoothly in windy conditions.

A lot of these essential tennis court supplies you can buy used, so check the internet for deals on used tennis supplies if you're interested in saving some cash!

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