Essential Wakeboarding Equipment

If you are ready to jump in on the wakeboarding craze, you will need to grab some of the essential wakeboarding equipment. Experienced wakeboarders may have specialized equipment, but you can get started with just a few basic items. Although some people don't like to share, it may be worth borrowing some equipment and trying it out before going out and spending a lot of money.

  1. The wakeboard. The wakeboarding board is all about the rider. Newer riders should choose a larger lighter board. These are easier to handle and provide more stability.
  2. Wakeboarding rope. A wakeboarding rope is typically 50-60 feet long. More experience riders may want a shorter rope so they are in the bigger part of the wake, while new wakeboarders may want a rope that is a little longer so they are in calmer waters.
  3. Wakeboard boots. Wakeboarding boots are a personal item. Just like a wakeboard, they can be set up for personal performance. When looking for a wakeboarding boot look for one that provides a good amount of support, but also has contours and flexibility.
  4. Wakeboarding boat. You don't need go out an buy a boat for wakeboarding, you can just find a friend that has one, or a friend of a friend that has one. A good boat for wakeboarding is heavy so it makes a bigger wake for jumping.
  5. Wakeboarding vest. It may seem like a no brainer to some, but a life jacket is definitely worth mentioning as part of a list of wakeboarding gear. It is important to be wearing a type III PFD when you are out on the water. It may save your life.
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