Essential Wakeboarding Gear

Wakeboarding is a great sport that you can start enjoying once you get yourself set up with the essential wakeboard gear. Just like in any sport it is important to have the right gear when you wakeboard. Before going out an buying anything ask around and do some research to find out what the best brands are and what you should be looking for.

  1. Wakeboard boat. Since wakeboarders have different needs than water skiers, the kind of boat you want is different. A good wakeboard boat has a lot of weight so it makes a bigger wake. You can also add weight in the boat by adding bags of water on each side of the engine.
  2. Wakeboard Rope. A typical wakeboard rope is about 60 feet long and very light. This length is much shorter and a ski rope so the wakeboarder is in the part of the wake that is larger.They have no stretch at all and are very thin.
  3. Wakeboard. Wakeboards come in different lengths, widths, and weights. A heavier rider should use a longer board because if it is to short you will sink. The width you need is determined by the wake size. A wider wake needs a wider board. A good wakeboard can be expensive, so consider buying used one if you want a good board without having to spend all your money.
  4. Boots. Wakeboard boots are a personal item, just like a pair of shoes would be. Look for a boot that has a good combination of flexibility and strength. Before choosing a pair, try on a few and compare the fit and feel.
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