Essential Wet Bar Accessories

Need to know what the essential wet bar accessories are? A fully functional wet bar is becoming more and more popular in homes these days. If you like to entertain and want to install a one, there are several essential wet bar accessories that you should not be without.

  1. Drink Making Guide First and foremost you need to be able to make any drink requested by your guest. You don't want to be caught off guard by someone asking for a drink you've never heard of. Get a comprehensive guide for making cocktails.
  2. The right basic alcohol It is also necessary to have the right basic stock of alcohol so you are prepared for drink making. A good start would be Vodka, Gin, white rum, a dark rum, tequila, vermouth, Brandy, Irish Cream, Whiskey, and Triple Sec. This is a good base for Cosmo's, Martini's, and most other basic mixed cocktails. Make sure you have a supply of mixers as well.
  3. Kegerator For those beer drinkers out there you want to make sure you always have cold beer on tap. The best way to accomplish this is to just have a kegerator behind the bar. These can be bought as a complete system, or you can take an small fridge and convert it.
  4. Wine rack/Wine Refrigerator Since not all guests will be beer drinkers, an other accessory that every wet bar needs is a wine rack and/or a wine refrigerator. Those white wines need to be cold and the reds kept at room temperature so you might need both.
  5. Selection of Glassware All drinks have their special glasses that they need to be served in. Beer needs a mug, wine needs it's wine glass, and cocktail glasses come in all shapes and sizes. If space is limited start with some highball glasses and martini glasses for the cocktails.
  6. Dishwasher There are some functional accessories that a good wet bar needs. If the bar is in a different area of the house from the kitchen a small dishwasher is essential. One that fits under the bar will make clean up after a party much easier.
  7. Double Sink If you are setting up a wet bar, why not go all the way. A small double sink will help keep the bar area clean, and useful for any of those party goers who spill their drinks.
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