Essential Wrestling Supplies

The best essential wrestling supplies are all those pieces of equipment you need to effectively crush your opponent on any wrestling mat. Without these pieces of wrestling gear, you will not be as efficient in decimating your opponent until he cries like the girl everyone knows him to be. If you are going to wrestle at any level, be sure to equip yourself with these essential wrestling supplies.

  1. ASICS Men's Split Second 8 Wrestling Shoe. Having the proper footwear when you try to slam your opponent's body to the mat is absolutely essential, which is why these wrestling shoes are number one on this list of the essential wrestling supplies. The great benefit of this type of wrestling shoe is its split sole technology. This feature allows your heel as well as your forefoot to work independent of each other, which ought to translate palpably into more effective results on the wrestling mat.
  2. ASICS Zd360 Super Sleeve Wrestling Knee Pad. With a teardrop shape, dual-density padding and a terry loop inner fabric, your knees will be well-protected from scrapes and cuts from the hard wrestling mat. The perforated sleeve on this awesome knee pad also provides you with enhanced moisture management. In layman's terms, that basically means that you will enjoy more comfort when this is on your knee. So the next time that your wrestling moves and holds require you to get on your knees a lot in order to neutralize your opponent, make sure you're wearing a spiffy couple of super sleeve wrestling knee pads.
  3. ASICS GEL Wrestling Headgear. The third and final piece of gear in this list of essential wrestling supplies is something to protect your noggin from a shellacking. With this ASICS GEL Wrestling Headgear, you can be sure that the number of times you are seriously at risk for a concussion will be drastically lowered. So if you have ever been tired of getting knocked around excessively on the mat and then afterwards feeling like your brains have been rocked too much, wear this wrestling headgear. Your noggin will personally thank you.
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