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Evanescence albums, though only a few, have made quite an impression on the world of hard rock. Exploding onto the national scene from Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2003 with their major label debut “Fallen”, Evanescence quickly rose to the top of the charts with their brand of heavy gothic rock. The album spent 106 weeks on the Billboard Music Charts, peaking at number three. The 2006 follow up, “The Open Door”, only spent 48 weeks on the charts, but was their first album to reach number one. Aside from the two studio albums, Evanescence also released a live album titled “Anywhere But Home” in 2004. The following is a closer look at each Evanescence album.

  1. “Fallen”  The opening track on Evanescence’s debut album introduces the world of rock to the voice of lead vocalist Amy Lee. Previous bands like Drain STH, Hole, Kittie, and The Runaways all featured female lead vocalists, and their voices sounded like they belonged in the genre, rough and edgy. Amy Lee is on the other end of the spectrum. Powerful and almost angelic, Lee sounds as if she could hold her own on stage in an opera. Not really what you would expect from a hard rock album. But, “Fallen” is as hard and heavy as they come. As Lee’s vocals soar throughout songs like “Going Under”, “Bring Me to Life”, and “My Last Breath”, symphonic synthesizers and plucked piano keys weave around crunching guitars and pounding drums. Evanescence also reveals a softer side with tracks like “My Immortal” and “Hello”, both featuring Amy Lee on piano. All in all, this Evanescence album is quite a phenomenal debut.

  2. “Anywhere But Home”  Evanescence released this live album after the success of their debut. The recording features excellent live performances of “Bring Me to Life”, “Haunted”, and “My Immortal.” A few songs have slightly different arrangements, as they feature Amy Lee on piano more than on the studio album. They also perform three songs not released on their first album. “Missing”, “Breathe No More” and “Farther Away” sound as if they would have fit right at home on “Fallen.” Nevertheless, the band proves that they sound just as good live as they do in the studio.

  3. “The Open Door” The first single to emerge from Evanescence’s sophomore offering picks up where “Fallen” left off. “Call Me When You’re Sober” opens with Lee and her piano, proclaiming, “Don’t cry to me. If you love me, you would be here with me. You want me? Come find me. Make up your mind.” Then the guitars come crashing in, and Evanescence announce their return to the charts. The top of the charts, to be exact. “The Open Door” made it to number one on the Billboard charts due to songs like “Sweet Sacrifice”, “Snow White Queen”, and “Lose Control.” With this album, Evanescence prove they have what it takes to stand among the giants in hard rock.

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