Examples Of Dirty Talk

These examples of dirty talk aren't that complicated or difficult to say. Dirty talk is about what you and your partner like to do in the bedroom. It can also be about fantasies and things that wouldn’t happen in real life. Try out a few types of these  dirty talk examples to find something that arouses you and your partner.

  1. Describe a sexual act your both enjoy. For example, if you and your partner both enjoy it when you perform oral sex on her, try describing it from your point of view. Talk about how much you love touching her body and what it’s like to feel her with your tongue. The more descriptive you can get, the better the dirty talk will be.
  2. Talk about her body. Once your partner is aroused, she’ll be comfortable enough that you can really start complimenting her body. For the best dirty talk, don’t say general things. Instead, focus on one particular area of her body and describe it in detail, including what you like about it. For example, you can sit between her legs and talk about how you like to watch her open and close them.
  3. Get a little vulgar. When describing sexual acts, what you like your partner to do to you or what you’re going to do to her, try throwing in some vulgar sexual language. Some words that aren’t acceptable in other capacities can really spice up your dirty talk.
  4. Fantasize out loud. One dirty talk example is simply telling your partner all those naughty sexual thoughts you have, such as watching her perform oral sex on another woman. Because it’s a fantasy, it can be something that you know wouldn’t actually happen in real life and you might not even want it to happen. Encourage your partner to share her sexual fantasies. The more open you are, the easier it will be for her to let loose.



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