Examples Of Modern Vintage Clothing

Are you looking for some great and fashionable examples of modern vintage clothing? Do the latest trends in fashion bore you? Are you disinterested the latest and greatest? Do you long for a different era of fashion? If this describes you, read on to see what pieces you need to pick up so you can fill your closet with pieces you love! Some vintage clothing, while good-looking, don't really allow much versatility if you try to pair them with more modern pieces. What you need to get the most out of your vintage clothing are pieces that have a modern flair and can be easily mixed and matched with things you already own. The key to your wardrobe is to get flexibility out of your closet and the only way to do that is to choose great, versatile pieces. Sounds scary? It’s not! Here you’ll see how to make your wardrobe work for you with the best in modern vintage clothing.

  1. Shirts Modern vintage clothing is mostly focused on shirts since pants haven't changed drastically in the last few decades. Shirts are a great way to add a modern vintage touch to any outfit. Men's vintage shirts are all about the polos and the button up shirts. Look for wide stripes and larger collars on your button-up shirts, which will harken back to the 70s. Shirts anchored in the 80s are easy to tie into a modern vintage wardrobe. These 80s shirts will be very heavy in plaid patterns and slimming. To rock 70s and 80s polos, look for a shirt that is slim-fitting and in a bright color with a wide stripe. Another great way to add vintage into your wardrobe is with vintage T-shirts. Concert T-shirts and logo T-shirts like Nike and Club Med add a touch of flair, individuality and fun to any outfit. Pair a T-shirt with skinny jeans and a cardigan or dark looser jeans and a blazer for the ultimate modern vintage feel.
  2. Pants Pants haven't changed too much in the last few decades, but there are some specific things, such as fit, that are much different nowadays. As far as shorts go, white tennis shorts and Champion shorts are very 70s and 80s. Pair these with a great modern vintage polo. If you're looking for vintage jeans, you have to choose a great Wrangler or Levi's to complete your wardrobe. A good staple of modern vintage clothing is a good pair of corduroys.
  3. Accessories As far as shoes go, in any modern vintage wardrobe you will need a pair of Bostonians or Wing Tips. For sneakers, Chuck Taylor's have been popular since the 70s and are still in fashion. Pick up a skinny square tie from the 70s and some hats, like a fedora or pork pie hat, to complete your modern vintage look.
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