Examples Of Vintage ’80s Fashion

When it comes to clothing, examples of vintage '80s fashion still linger on, even if many of us earnestly wished it wouldn't.  After all, the spandex decade was nearly 30 years ago, but now, we are still surrounded by some of the same fashion absurdities.  Like a monster from a B-grade, straight to DVD creature feature, these three items will just not die.

  1. Spandex.  Is there any other clothing item that accentuates the very things pants are supposed to hide—ass-cracks, man-bulges, and camel-toes?  Tight stone washed jeans, maybe?  In the 1980s, this was a clothing staple, from MTV videos, to gym workouts and people walking down the street.  Now, at least, stretchy-pants are not worn in the radioactive neon colors like hot pink.
  2. Shoulder Pads.  Thankfully, outside of the southern states, this hasn't made much of comeback outside of women's business power suits.  Even there, it still boggles the mind that enlarging a woman's shoulder by an inch or two could ever be appealing in any way.  After all, nothing is more sexy than a woman who looks like a pass rushing linebacker in heels, hose, and skirt, right?
  3. Black and White Stripes.  Punk rock is now in its mid-30s.  That also, of course, depends on which decade one defines "punk" by. The year 1978 produced bands like The Ramones, while 1988 saw the rise of underground hardcore. Fast forward ten years later in 1998 when punkers like Green Day made millions with major label deals and sold out shows. Since 2008 the kids have been wearing black and white striped T-shirts and early punk fashion.
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