Examples Of Vintage Golf Clothing

Examples of vintage golf clothing are both elegant and extravagant. Golf is sport enjoyed and recognized as one of the most elegant sports around. Through the centuries golfers have made some unique and sometimes extreme fashions statements wearing their golfing attire. Many of the styles worn by golfers in past years are still available for you to purchase from vintage shops and on the internet.

 Below are some example of golf clothes of the by gone years:

  1.  In the 1700's golfers in Great Britain wore kilts and animal skins. While their high class society counterparts wore kickers that were knee length and tail coats.
  2. In the early 1900 fashion style for men golfers was jackets and trousers. Players wore long trousers and full morning jackets with ties while golfing.                                   
  3. In the 30's and 40's Golfers favored the sleeved shirts with bow ties and their trousers tucked into their long stockings while the ladies wore easy care cotton dresses with pockets.
  4. The 50's and 60's the men golfer move to a more comfortable and looser fit khaki pant and light polo shirts. For the women hemlines became shorter and the skort was introduce, which was shorts that look like a skirt.
  5. Bell bottoms was the fashion statement in the 70's for men as well pant in colors of kelly green, magenta and purple that could be only worn on the golf course and for women golfers it was a polyester skorts and golf tops.
  6. On to the 80's and 90's which brought in the loud bold and sometime outrageous colors in pink,orange,yellows and blue which became popular in sweaters, pant, polo shirts and socks.
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