Excel Conditional Formatting

Are you interested in Excel conditional formatting? The conditional formatting function within Excel is used to add more depth to that of a cell or of a project in the overall sense. Spreadsheets, in general, are often used for financial reports for businesses or even home budgets for people. The reports themselves can usually look fairly bland, with just a sheet full of numbers and calculations, but with the Excel conditional formatting, a report can have a professional look that can impress anyone.

Excel conditional formatting can be used for many things and is often used in reporting financial figures and numbers. For instance, with conditional formatting, you can tell Excel that you want to have all negative numbers to be highlighted or that you want those numbers to be red, showing a deficit.

Conditional formatting includes things like highlighting every other row or column in order for them to stand out, making Gnatt charts for your business project or formula, or even making bar graphs within each cell. This allows for a professional looking spreadsheet that doesn't need to be done by a professional; just someone who knows how to utiltize Excel's conditional formatting.

  1. First, open whatever spreadsheet you would like to use conditional formatting on. The most popular one is that of a financial spreadsheet, such as a sales report or budget.
  2. Select the cells that you want to use the function on. This can be done by holdng down the control (CTRL) key and then selecting cells.
  3. Cick on the CONDITIONAL FORMATTING tab or icon.
  4. Here you can set up different types of rules that you want for your selected cells. Again, you can state if you want cells to highlighted or if you want values to be highlighted, like negative numbers.
  5. Feel free to play around with the function to see what you can do and what you enjoy.

In Excel editions before 2007, you can only specify three conditions; however, in the 2007 and future editions, you can specify as many as you would like. Using the Excel conditional formatting function allows for more in depth use of your spreadsheets, allowing for a professional looking sheet for all types of budget projections or anything else that you would like to use Excel for.

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