Excel Games

Excel games are a great way to kill down time at work. Excel is a program that many would never think that you can play games let alone games that are popular and usually on different cell phone platforms. These games use the excel software to run them and they will be able to go by undetected by any IT group at your work. They may delete all the other games that you have on your work computer but they will never get rid of your excel program. This article will give you the five best articles to download.

  1. "Bejeweled". This is one of the best Excel games out there. Many know this game because it was preloaded on many cell phones in the past couple of years. This game looks great and has outstanding animation for an excel game.
  2. "Battleship". The classic game has now been brought to your pc. Well, to your excel spread sheet. It plays the same way that regular battle ship does. Place your ships down and try to find your opponents ships. It is a classic game.
  3. "Tetris". What can you say about "Tetris"? It is the same game that everyone knows and loves. It moves smoothly and gives the usual game play that everyone knows and loves.
  4. "Minesweeper". Maybe the best possible time killer at work. Those mines need sweeping. The only thing to note about excel "Minesweeper" is that you can always start in the upper left hand corner. Moves after the first are your choice but you can always start there.
  5. "Hangman". This game has no graphics but it is a fun game nonetheless. Just enjoy the sound effects. Sit back and guess the words. 


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