Excuses For Not Going To Work

Running low on excuses for not going to work makes it difficult to persuade the boss to grant you another sick day. Of course, if the human resources department requires a doctor’s note, you might have to look for a way to tap into your personal time. So what excuses for not going to work might the boss swallow, without asking too many probing questions?

  1. Out-of-town relative visiting. Your supervisor will have a hard time disputing your claim that an elderly relative is flying in from Alaska. It is understandable that you must pick her up and see that she gets settled. Even better, this excuse also paves the way for the next time you want to play hooky, when the relative leaves and you of course offer to take her to the airport.
  2. Funeral of a close friend. Don’t kill off family members! Of all the excuses for not going to work, this one can come back to bite you. Especially if the supposedly dead relative shows up at a holiday party or luncheon. An imaginary close friend is a safe bet. If you play your cards right, you might be able to milk this one for a three-day weekend.
  3. Car trouble. This won’t work if you drive a late-model luxury sedan, but for the average working stiff it is a goldmine. Car trouble can be anything from a “check engine light” to a broken starter motor. Claim that you will work on the car or take it to the mechanic. Use this excuse to buy yourself some extra sleep in the morning or a full day off.
  4. Transportation trouble. Depending on where you live, public transportation can be a bear. In and around Los Angeles you can virtually count on late buses, broken down trains and missed connection. Bus service in Denver during the winter, for example, is sketchy at times. Capitalize on these occurrences and call from the outside, letting the boss know that you are stuck and do not know if or when you can make it.
  5. Disgusting maladies. Diarrhea, food poisoning, migraines and vomiting are the types of health issues that make great excuses for not going to work, even as they do not require a doctor’s visit. Nobody heads to the doctor with a 24-hour bug. Even fewer bosses will demand that you come in to work and possibly infect the entire office.

While these excuses for not going to work will buy you one or more days off, don’t overdo it! The boss is under no obligation to keep you around if you are this prone to sickness or the only person in the family to ever pick up relatives at the airport.

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