Exercises For Wrestlers

Exercises for Wrestlers should be planned to improve the wrestler's capability of building strength and muscle. Exercises for wrestlers should include weight bearing exercises that will target specific muscles to benefit a wrestler’s needs. This article will show you the best exercises for wrestlers to achieve maximum strength in their workout routine.

 To begin a wrestling exercise program you will need the following:

  • A large mat
  • Dumbbells of various sizes
  • A straight bar
  • A pull up bar
  • Water for thirst
  • A determined attitude                 
  1. Push-ups. This exercise is perfect to build a wrestler’s chest, triceps, shoulders and core! Using just your body weight, this exercise will build these muscle which are essential muscles for successful wrestling
  2. Pull-ups. Pull-ups are an excellent exercise for wrestlers because in addition to building power in your back and arms, the bar will help you build a grip that will translate over to the mat. Much of the time on the mat your goal is a takedown. Pull ups will help when you use your muscles to pull a challenger towards you.
  3. Barbell Shrugs. Barbell shrugs are an isolation exercise for wrestlers. This exercise is used to strengthen your upper trapezius muscle along with thickening the muscles of the neck. Strong shoulders and necks are beneficial to wrestlers. When planning workouts, adjust the position and grasp of your hands when doing barbell shrugs. This allows the trapezius muscle to be worked from different areas.
  4. Weighted Sumo Dead Lifts. Weighted sumo dead lifts is an essential exercise for wrestlers. This is because they reinforce keeping the hips in the correct range of motion needed during a wrestling match.  The key to performing this exercise correctly is to achieve the proper technique before adding weights.
  5. Dumb Bell Lunges. This is a great exercise for wrestlers also. This exercise imitates the movement utilized for takedowns. Lunges develop the quadriceps and hamstrings muscles. Additionally, strengthening these muscles will help you possess a firm leg positioning against opponents.




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