Exotic Car Rentals, Chicago: 5 Best

Curious about exotic car rentals in Chicago and the 5 best to choose from? Chicago offers a taste of luxury and sophistication with the amount of luxury and exotic cars available for rent. Zip throughout the town in style with one of the sleek Lamborghinis. Put the top down with a convertible Corvette and enjoy the bright lights and big city of Chicago. Renting luxury vehicles in Chicago also gives visitors and locals the chance to own a little piece of the car with membership opportunities.

  1. Chicago Exotic and Luxury Car Rental. Whether you want to rent a Lamborghini or a Mercedes, Chicago Exotic and Luxury Car Rental offers the right choice with the fastest speed. This exotic car rental company in Chicago takes you through the city and around the scenic views in the latest exotic cars. Used in many movie productions, the exotic cars this company provides pick-up from the two main airports near Chicago. They make it easy to reserve online and provide the rental policies for review. Chicago Exotic and Luxury Car Rental: 29 South La Salle St., Chicago, IL 60603; (312) 204-7227.
  2. Cloud 9. Chicago Cloud 9 Rentals provides the ultimate driving experience as one of the best exotic car rentals Chicago has to offer. The all-new Porsche 911 Turbo provides a high engineering work of art as you drive its smooth contoured shape throughout the town. For convertible lovers, the Corvette can add to the Chicago experience with a rental like no other. Cloud 9 offers locations for exotic car rentals in Chicago and several other cities across the United States. Cloud 9: 100 E. Irving Park Road, Roselle, IL 60172; (630) 707-7368.
  3. Curvy Road. Curvy Road offers some of the best exotic car rentals Chicago has ever seen. The collection of rentals includes Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and the Rolls Royce Phantom. The selection provides renters a chance to experience luxury vehicles for rent throughout the Chicago area. With an impressive portfolio, Curvy Road provides renters a chance to own a fraction of the car over yearly plans. The private access feature of the memberships provides a five-year plan with up to eight weeks of driving time per year. Curvy Road: 648 E. Northwest Highway, Palatine, IL 60074; (888) 776-2203.
  4. Exotic Car Share. Exotic car share provides exotic car rentals in Chicago, offering Alfa Romero, Corvette, Ferrari and many more brands. For a fraction of the cost of other competitive exotic car rentals in Chicago, Exotic Car Share provides a different experience through the ability to rent different models. Known throughout Chicago as one of the longest running and largest membership opportunities for exotic car rentals, Exotic Car Share offers the best and most accommodating staff for drivers’ needs. Exotic Car Share: 648 E. Northwest Highway, Palatine, IL 60074; (888) 358-7522.
  5. Volo Auto Museum. For all lovers of exotic cars, the chance to rent the unique cars used in movies exists through Volo Auto Museum. The museum is the home of many movie cars, including Knight Rider, the original “Doc Hudson,” the “3 Million Dollar Bizarre Car Collection,” and even some Monster Garage cars. The Volo Auto Museum definitely makes up the world’s weirdest car collection, but they even have a few for rental. Among the different rentals includes one of the original Batman cars. This exotic car rental company in Chicago is one to look at when setting up trade shows, commercials. or photo shoots. Volo Auto Museum: 27582 Volo Village Road, Volo, IL 60073; (815) 385-3644.
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