Exotic Car Rentals, Los Angeles: 5 Best

When vacationing in the City of Angels, many tourists find themselves looking for places offering exotic car rentals in Los Angeles. Visiting a city filled with celebrity and glamour gives individuals the opportunity to live the life of luxury, making them seem more like a resident of the city than just a visitor.

  1. Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise. As one of the largest and most well known car rental companies in the United States, Enterprise is one of the best choices for exotic car rentals in Los Angeles. The company has a separate division featuring nothing but the best exotic cars available. Customers can choose from luxury SUVs such as a Cadillac Escalade or a BMW X5. For those who are looking for a convertible to explore the West Coast, a Mercedes Benz or a Porsche Boxster will suit their needs perfectly.
  2. Hollywood Exotic Car Rental. Those looking for the best exotic car rentals in Los Angeles should seriously consider Hollywood Exotic Car Rental. Not only do they offer luxury car brands such as Lamborghini, Bentley or Maserati, you can also have the opportunity to rent a private airplane, a yacht, a private estate or even your own private island. 
  3. Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car. If the newest and fastest car is what you are looking for when searching for the best choices for exotic car rentals in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car is a perfect choice. Whether it’s a Bentley you’re seeking, or maybe a Rolls Royce, they will have the perfect luxury vehicle to fit your needs.  Those looking for the most exotic models available can choose from Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. 
  4. Midway Car Rental. For individuals looking to combine an exotic car rental with an everyday for the rest of their trip, Midway Car Rental is one of the best choices for exotic car rentals in Los Angeles. Midway offers both standard cars by auto makers such as Toyota for your daily driver during your vacation, while providing luxury brands such as Aston Martin and even an option for a Rolls Royce Phantom. 



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