Express Employment Professionals Scam

Want to know more about the Express Employment Professionals Scam? Are mystery shopping job opportunities with Express Employment Professionals a scam? A mystery shopper is someone who gets paid to shop at stores and write a report about their experience. These are very appealing jobs for people, especially stay at home parents who wish to help supplement their income without the need for childcare. There are ligament mystery shopper jobs out there but many of them are scams.

Express Employment Professionals is a genuine job search firm but according to an investigation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) the mystery shopping opportunities are a scam. This scam is not the conduct of Express Employment Professionals and the company is also a victim.

According to the report filed by the BBB Tyree Byndom, Manager of the Express Employment Professionals Columbia office, has received several inquiries from residents of Virginia and North Carolina about bank checks and letters in regards to mystery shopping jobs, allegedly sent from Byndom’s office. Express Employment Professionals does not employee mystery shoppers.

The way this scam works is very simple. First the scammers send victims a check with a letter. The checks and letters have Express Employment Professionals’ logo and the Columbia office’s address so they appear to be real. The check and letter are signed by a Michael Moore of Express Employment Professionals and the letter instructs the victims to deposit the check in their bank account. The letter goes on to instruct them to keep so much from the check as payment and to send the rest as a Western Union wire transfer. The scam is that the check doesn’t go through and you’ve just given over your own money.

You should use caution if you are contacted by Express Employment Professionals. If you feel you have been a victim of the Express Employment Professionals Scam, you should contact your local BBB or go to

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