Extenze Side Effects

If you are a man who is taking Extenze, you really should be aware of Extenze side effects. The medication Extenze is used as a male enhancement—it is advertised as a drug that can help a man enlarge the size of his penis, but also claims to enhance sexual performance and endurance all around. It is also considered a natural type of medication, but just because it is made from natural products does not mean that there are no known Extenze side effects. Some of them are:

  1. Unwanted Mood Changes:  These unwanted mood changes can include:  heightened agitation and anxiety. Both of these can mood changes can cause it be more difficult to have sex, since one’s partner may not be in the mood after putting up with these spells of agitation, even though the male’s body is willing and ready to go.
  2. Digestive Problems:  The main digestive problem that has been reported is nausea. This is one symptom that may not be very enjoyable while one’s wants to have sex, since there is a lot of movement involved in this act.
  3. Increased Heart Rate:  One’s heart can begin beating faster; this is usually called heart palpations. Then when one begins the normal act of having sex, the heart will begin beating even faster.  Thus, this can make the man feel like he is having a heart episode of some sort.
  4. No reaction:  This may be the worse side effect that any man may experience.  It is the side of effect of the drug not working and showing no reaction at all in his body. Thus, he has no increase in the size of his penis, no increase in the length that it stays aroused or in the amount of time he climaxes. This side effect can cause the man to feel depressed and feeling as if he was scammed into buying a product that doesn’t work.

Before any man, decides to take any male enhancement product, he should be aware of the side effects and he should talk them over with his physician. This includes a natural product such as extenze and this includes the Extenze side effects that may be most vulnerable to each said individual man.

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