Extreme Sea Kayaking: Safety Tips

If you are going on a sea Kayaking expedition, you should learn about extreme sea kayaking safety tips. Sea kayaking is a popular, but potentially dangerous sport. It is essential to take the following precautions prior to embarking on an extreme kayaking trip:

  1. Bring another person. While some open water expeditions are attempted solo, it is always safer to have a friend. Ideally the other person should be in his or her own boat,  to be best able to help in an emergency situation. It is easier to assist someone who has fallen out of their sea kayak if you are in separate kayaks.
  2. Make sure you are skilled in self-rescue. You should first know how to perform various rolls, to avoid falling out of your sea kayak. If you are tossed out of your kayak, you should know how to use a sling. You should know how to use a flotation device to get yourself back into the cockpit.
  3. Bring emergency equipment. Generally speaking, if you are going extreme sea kayaking, you should obviously wear a life jacket. But being safe includes much more than a life jacket. You should at the very least bring paddle floats and a water pump in the event that water gets into your kayak. If you are going on a long sea kayaking trip, you should bring emergency lighting, snacks and water. A flare gun and a knife are good ideas too.
  4. Don't bring your dog. Many people who engage in extreme sea kayaking think their dog will have fun too. This is never a good idea. Even if your dog likes water, your dog can't swim long distances if you get separated. Additionally, you cannot perform an Eskimo roll with your dog.



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