Eye Infection Treatment

Below you will find a step-by-step eye infection treatment that you can do at home. There are many causes of eye infections, but bacterial and viral infections are the most prominent. If you wear contact lenses the odds of getting bacterial eye infections increases. You can treat certain eye infections on your own, but it is best to consult your doctor before doing so. Check out this easy home treatment for common eye infections.

  1. You can treat an eye stye by doing the following. Use a wash cloth as a hot compress (this is the fastest way to get rid of this type of infection). Heat some water in a pot (very warm but not hot) put your washcloth in the pot of heated water, squeeze the excess water out of the wash cloth and hold it against the infected eye for a few minutes. Repeat until the water cools, do this twice a day until the infection goes away. You can also soak a tea bag in the water after it has cooled slightly (but still warm) and hold it against the infected eye for a few minutes. The tannic acid in the tea bags will shrink and dry the stye out. You can even wrap damp guava leaves in your damp wash cloth compress to reduce swelling and redness. Cutting an aloe vera leaf and holding the wet side against your stye will also heal it.  Use over-the-counter artificial tears to help flush the foreign matter that eye infections cause out of your eyes.
  2. You can treat pink eye (conjunctivitis) by doing the following. Make a warm cloth compress with chamomile, lavender or rose oil added to your water. Hold the compress against your infected eye for a few minutes. Repeat until your water is cool, do this twice a day until the infection is gone. To reduce the inflammation and itchiness of your pink eye infection hold cold sandwich bread over your problem eye.
  3. Use tea bags to soothe burning of the eyes from any infection. Just soak two tea bags in cold water for a few seconds. Remove the tea bags and place them over your closed eye/eyes until the burning stops.
  4. Make your own antibacterial eye wash solution to treat your infection. Boil a spoonful of coriander seeds in one cup of water. Sift the solution and use the water to wash your infected eye. Do this twice daily until your eye is infection free.

 Note: Do not swim in chlorinated water when you have an infection of the eye as this may aggravate your infection.

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