Eyebrow Piercing Care

Eyebrow piercing care is highly needed after a piercing takes place. Caring properly for a newly pierced eyebrow helps eliminate the possibility of infections and irritation.

To properly care for an eyebrow piercing, you will need:

  • Anti-bacterial soap
  • Cotton-tipped swabs or cotton balls

To properly care for an eyebrow piercing, follow these steps:

  1. Wash your hands. In order to care properly for any piercing, first wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. If your hands are not cleaned properly, the chance of the piercing getting infected increases significantly. Wash hands with warm water and dry with a clean paper towel.
  2. Disinfect the piercing twice a day. Every morning and every night the piercing must be disinfected. This is done by cleansing the area with anti-bacterial soap and rinsing well with water. This is done easily with a cotton-tipped swap or a cotton ball.
  3. Check the tightness of the piercing. If the piercing feels loose, tighten it to the right until it is tight. The tightness of the piercing should be checked twice each day.
  4. Don’t use petroleum based products. There are several things to avoid with an eyebrow piercing. Any product containing petroleum should not be used. All makeup products including lotions and creams should also be avoided around the area until the piercing is completely healed.
  5. Watch out for clothing. When getting dressed, be extremely careful not to get clothing stuck to the piercing. When involved in physical activities, this should be monitored closely as well.
  6. Clean with salt water. Use a sea salt or saline solution to help with the healing process. Hold a cotton ball soaked in a salt water solution on the piercing for about ten minutes each day. The salt helps kill bacteria and keeps the piercing clean.
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