Fable 2 Gargoyle Locations

If you are a die-hard "Fable 2" fan and want to explore every inch of the in-game world that you possibly can, you should know the "Fable 2" Gargoyle locations. There are many stone Gargoyles in the world of Albion, and each of these can be destroyed by using 'fine aim', which is a technique that is learned under dextrous styles, which is acquired pretty early in the game. Each of these Gargoyles has a Scottish accent, and are generally attached to the side of buildings and houses. This means that if you hear a Scottish voice speaking, it usually indicates the presence of a Gargoyle nearby, in the world of "Fable 2"

  1. Bandit Coast – There are two Gargoyles at bandit coast; one is in the main ruins of the bandit camp and the second is at the end of a path before the ruins, in the bandit discrict of "Fable 2".
  2. The Guild Cave – There is one Gargoyle here, located at the point where you need to dive down to get the augment.
  3. Bloodstone – Four Gargoyles exist at bloodstone. One is located between a boathouse and a house to it's left. Another is located at the waterfront, on a sandy area between the rocks. The third is on a crane at the waterfront, while the fourth is on a grassy area near the waterfalls when you are looking for the ten pieces of treasure while playing "Fable 2".
  4. Bower Lake – The first of five Gargoyles in "Fable 2" is located at the edge of the largest lake. The second is inside the old tomb, while the third is in a ruined archway which can be found at the east side of the map. The fourth Gargoyle is on another arch very close to the third one, and the fifth Gargoyle is located above the waterfall when you are coming from the gypsy camp.
  5. Bowerstone Cemetary – The first Gargoyle is located with the tombs along the path following the bent over statue. The second Gargoyle is located on the roof of a building to the left of the large crypt at the top of the cemetary. The third Gargoyle is located on the roof of a large tomb when you go along the path in front of the bent over statue. The fourth Gargoyle is located at the cemetary mansion, between the tower on the left and the trees. The fifth Gargoyle requires you to purchase the cemetary mansion, and is located in the room where you have to shoot the switch to light walkways. 
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