Fable 2: How To Get Skinny

In the action role playing game "Fable 2," how your character looks has an impact on some of the activities you can do, so there may come a time when you need to know about "Fable 2": how to get skinny. For example, a good, attractive man will find it much easier to find a wife than an evil, fat man. However, just as in real life, it is much easier to gain weight than it is to get skinny in "Fable 2."

  1. Sleep for seven days straight at the Inn in Bowerstone Market. You may get skinny in "Fable 2" while you sleep.
  2. Head to the Produce Stall to buy healthy foods. Check the stats for different vegetables that are available. You can do this by nudging the left thumbstick to the right while hovering over the vegetables. The food that is most likely to help you get skinny in "Fable 2" is celery, which has negative five percent fat.
  3. Repeat the process with sleeping, buying produce and eating vegetables until you get skinny in "Fable 2" and your fatness is where you want it.
  4. Stay away from meat and beer, as well as other foods and drinks that make you fat and will keep you from getting skinny in "Fable 2."

If you have a muscular physique or have a lot of coats or armor on, your character may look fat. The way to determine if your character is fat or muscular is to look at the distribution of body weight. You will have to take off all coats and armor he has on so you can see his body shape. If your character has a large belly and abnormally large breasts, he is fat. If he looks boxy instead of lumpy, he is muscular.

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