Fable 2: How To Get Your Dog Back

Do you want to know how to get your dog back in Fable 2? You lost your dog in "Fable 2". Your dog has become your friend and you want him back. You miss him like he was a big part of your life. There are two ways to get your dog back in "Fable 2". One way is a temporary, while the other is permanent.

  1. The temporary way  to get your dog back in "Fable 2".  To temporarily get your dog back in "Fable 2", go to the "Demon Door" and play your way through this section. Once you finish with the "Demon Door", your dog will come back. However, the dog you get will be a spirit version of your dog in "Fable 2". Your spirit version of your dog will only stay with you for a little while. He will again vanish when you are just getting used to having him around. This is just a temporary fix, but is a way to get your dog back in "Fable 2."
  2. Get your dog back permanently in "Fable 2". There is a crypt located just north of the Chieftain's office in the middle of the grave. A note outside will let you know that the powerful mage 'Cheet-Ur' is very fond of dogs, and his crypt is to aid anybody who has lost a four-legged friend. Cheet-Ur will help you get your dog back in "Fable 2". To get your dog back, there will have to be a human sacrifice. You need to ask yourself one question; Is it worth sacrificing a human in "Fable 2" to get your dog back?
  3. Bring a subject to the crypt you decided to sacrifice to get your dog back in "Fable 2". The doors to the crypt should open as long as the person is following you. Lead them into the crypt or wait until they walk into the crypt themselves. When they are in the crypt, pull the lever outside to kill them. You have sacrificed a human on "Fable 2". The doors of the crypt will open and your best friend will walk out of the crypt to greet you. You have found your dog friend in "Fable 2". Greet him back because the two of you are together again.

You learned how to get your dog back in "Fable 2". You had to sacrifice a human, but it is only a game. The most important thing is you have your (best friend) the dog back next to you when you play "Fable 2."

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