Facebook Etiquette

Facebook etiquette will allow you to follow etiquette on Facebook, which will give you the advantage of making friends and keeping them. Not only is there an etiquette code on Facebook, but this code is mostly unwritten. Unfortunately, many younger and newer users experience the negative side of this unwritten Facebook etiquette when they’re ridiculed by friends and enemies alike. If you want to avoid being ridiculed by fellow users and keeping your friends, than knowing about Facebook etiquette will allow you to be a better social networker.

Appropriate content for Facebook. Knowing about what’s appropriate and what isn’t appropriate on Facebook will go a long way to comprehending Facebook etiquette. Choosing between what’s appropriate and what isn’t for Facebook is a thin line to straddle for most users. The best way to determine what’s appropriate and what isn’t appropriate for Facebook is considering one question-would you be comfortable with your family seeing the information or pictures that you post on your Facebook? One reason for asking such a question is knowing that practically anyone-friends, family, employers, etc. have access to your Facebook or will be able to view information on your Facebook.

Posting and commenting on status updates. One area in which many users find themselves in trouble in question of Facebook etiquette is commenting on statues or posting their own status updates. Posting status updates to your profile that may be offensive to some users should be avoided. You should also avoid posting comments to other users that may be offensive to them or their families. Finding yourself in a comment war can be damaging to all of the parties involved by creating unnecessary drama.

Private conversations for everyone to see. Having a private conversation with a friend or user in a public forum such as Facebook can be tricky and detrimental to both users involved. Having a private conversation that any user can see on Facebook will make your private conversations Facebook gossip. If you want to avoid making your private conversations public knowledge on Facebook, than consider using the IM system or the messaging system. Remember, anything and everything can become public knowledge on Facebook and the internet, so use good judgment when posting any information and pictures on Facebook.

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