Facebook Status Symbols

Want to know how to make Facebook status symbols? You've seen them the hearts, stars and even poker symbols. There's really no trick to it you just need to know the right keys to hit on your computer. It's fun to update your status with symbols and emoticons that's part of the internet jargon. Facebook is a fun way to social network and once you learn how to text with symbols you'll spice up the conversation. Please note you must use the numerical short cut keys on the side of your keyboard because you must enter "Alt" then the plus sign "+" then the corresponding number for the symbols to work.

You will need:

  • Desktop computer or laptop
  • Keyboard with numerical shortcut keys 
  • Facebook account
  • Internet connection
  1. Heart symbol.  Everyone's favorite symbol is the heart. Create the heart symbol is easy just press keyboard shortcut Alt + 3.
  2. Musical notes. You can do this Facebook status symbol one of two ways. Hit the keyboard shortcut Alt +13 for a single note or Alt + 14 for the double note.
  3. Gender male. If you think someone has any doubt you're manly, you can add a gender male symbol to your Facebook status. To create this symbol, you press keyboard shortcut Alt + 11.
  4. Sun. This Facebook status symbol is a great way to let everyone know you are having happy day.  Press the Alt + 15 to make this fun symbol.
  5. Trademark. This is a cool way to let everyone know you are a brand to be reckoned with.  To make a trademark symbol, you press Alt + 0174.
  6. Spade. A spade is a fun way to let everyone know how slick you are. Press the shortcut keys Alt + 6 for this uber cool symbol.
  7. Wicked Smile. Why be like everyone else and just have a plane smiley emoticon when you can go dark? To add this Facebook status symbol, you press Alt + 2.
  8. Double exclamation point. A great way to let someone know you are excited or stumped is by saying “What?” through the double exclamation points. To make this Facebook status symbol you press Alt + 19.
  9. Both ways arrows. If you are indecisive, you can use this cute “either way works for me” symbol. To make this symbol press Alt + 29.
  10. Clubs. Maybe you want everyone to know you’re going clubbing that night. Press Alt + 5 to create this awesome Facebook status symbol.
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