Facebook Statuses That Will Get Comments

Finding Facebook statuses that will get comments is not as difficult as you may believe. It takes a little thought, but it can be done through some thought and a little ingenuity. In order to get comments, you may need to broaden your horizons, or share more than you are currently sharing. Below are some tips to sharing Facebook Statuses that will get comments.

  1. Add statuses on current issues. Leaving your opinion on current events, whether they be political, religious, or environment, can give you a variety of responses. Newsworthy statuses can offer a lot of insight into your friends’ opinions. Be prepared, though. You may spark a debate, and the flame wars may begin. Be aware of this when you start these debates, and delete comments that may be offensive.
  2. Post updates regarding a new baby in the family. This could be your child, your nephew, or even a close friend’s baby. You will get a flurry of responses, usually consisting of “Awwwww! That is sooooooo cute!” These responses will be predominantly female.
  3. Post a joke. These need to be funny, unless you expressly say that it is corny. Make sure that it is not offensive, as it can be seen by anyone, including your boss, parents, or best friend’s mom. Imagine having to explain whatever joke it is to grandma, and you should be safe. Responses can vary, but will probably be something like “ZOMG!!!!! ROFL!!!!!1!!!!1!”
  4. Use photographs as status updates. This is especially useful when a baby is present, as it incites more comments. It can also be used for the wonderful landscape photograph that you got at the beach, or the picture of the pretty flower on the front porch.
  5. Be elusive and negative. Writing something like “Do this all over again” with no explanation often gets a “What’s wrong?” response. Be prepared when writing this type of update, especially if you do not want to share. The constant harassment of people looking for explanation can get irritating. Also, don’t use it to make something sound worse than it is. This is annoying to everyone else. It may be good for relationship issues, but should not be used if you don’t want grandma to know your personal problems.
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