Facebook Surveys For Guys

Do you want to know some cool Facebook surveys for guys? If so, you have come to the right place. Facebook has some of the coolest apps and surveys for guys. They can be fun and can even help you realize a little bit about yourself. Surveys can also help you realize how much you really know about another person. Before you take another survey, it is better to look into these fun surveys for guys.

  1. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Survey This Facebook survey for guys is one used to test you on your knowledge of your girlfriend/boyfriend. All you have to do in this Facebook survey is answer ten questions. The catch to this Facebook survey for guys is that your boyfriend/girlfriend has to be on your Facebook friends list since this survey uses the information only from Facebook.
  2. The Underwear Survey This Facebook survey is a fun survey for guys that tells you what underwear you are most likely to wear. This survey has up to fifteen questions for you to answer. The survey results can be pretty funny and amusing and could be a great way to make your friends laugh since your results will be posted on your wall and would be visible in their news feed. You might even surprise yourself with some of these amusing yet legitimate questions.
  3. Would You Rather… Survey This survey for guys is a great way for a guy to analyze their personality by creating a dilemma of questions of what they actually prefer. You can compare your results to your friends that may have taken this survey. There are a series of twenty questions. With some of these questions you may even hit a stumper because some things are hard to figure out which situation you would prefer.
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