Facial Hair Styles

Nothing produces more stereotypes than facial hair styles. When you see a guy wearing a full beard, it's hard not to picture him as a redneck long-haul trucker. Similarly, a man wearing a pencil mustache is likely to be mistaken for a porn star movie director. What you wear defines who you are almost as much as what you eat. Wether you need a new disguise to go undercover or want to see what it really feels like to be a mountain man, here are some facial hair styles you can consider for your own mug:


  1. Circle Beard: No rule dictates all beards need to cover every inch of your jawbone. A circle beard, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a goatee, offers control not found in full beards. Keeping one clean and trim is an ongoing task. This beast needs regular trimming and shaving to be tamed.
  2. Soul Patch: Bring out your inner Jazz musician with this tuft of hair directly under your lower lip. Bonus points if you can pair it with a cool saxophone solo.
  3. Goatee: If you are feeling ready for a Scooby snack, you can imitate Shaggy and go for this quasi-beard that just covers your chin. Just be careful of those crooked real estate developers and a great dane with insatiable appetites.
  4. Chinstrap: It isn't just for football players any more! A chinstrap is formed when long sideburns advance along the jawline until they meet under the helmet. A longer variation on this is a chin curtain. Or you can let hair grow all the way down your throat for a chin shade and shave horizontal lines in the hair for a chin blind. The decorating possibilities are endless.
  5. Anchor: This chin beard is grown into a point and is paired with a thin mustache to resemble a ship's anchor. It won't hold down any boats, but you might bring a beach babe or two into your port.
  6. Van Dyck: An unconnected goatee and mustache form this style. You can make the mustache curly or ditch the goatee for a soul patch in some variations. It draws its name from a famous painter, so think of it as dabbling in art.
  7. Handlebar: This long bushy mustache gets its look by curling the ends upward with styling wax. If you decide to pair it with a bald head (or chrome dome) you can get some wicked discounts from your local wax supplier.
  8. Horseshoe: No, we're not talking about nailing equine foot gear to your face. A horseshoe is a full mustache with vertical extensions grown down the sides of your lips to the jawbone. If you want to stop at the upper lip and just grow those whiskers down to the jaw, you can sport a Fu Manchu. But then you would become a cliched Asian supervillain and that would just be silly.  
  9. Painter's Brush: A thick mustache spanning your entire upper lip and rounded at the corners. It is typically worn short. No word on if it works on applying a second coat to the walls in the den you've been looking to remodel.
  10. Five O'Clock Shadow: Why go with a beard or mustache when you can choose indiscriminate stubble? It's the kind of look that says I just woke up and I don't even want to bother shaving. Works both before and after 5 p.m.
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