Facial Piercings Care

Facial piercing care depends on the the type of piercing. There are many different types of facial piercings. Placement determines the best way to clean the piercing. Facial piercing care requires a saline solution cleaning twice a day and a soap cleaning once a day. There are two options for proper facial piercing care and you should choose the correct step based on your piercing placement. 

For facial piercing care, you will need:

  • Anti-bacterial soap
  • Sea salt
  • Distilled water
  • Cup or shot glass
  • Gauze
  • Scent-free microbial soap
  1. Wash your hands. Use the anti-bacterial soap. Clean hands prevent bacteria from getting into the piercing wound. Wash down the work surface, too.
  2. Mix eight ounces of distilled water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. Make sure the salt is completed dissolved. For a piercing that has plenty of area around it, such as cheek or dimple piercing, use step three. For a piercing that is in a difficult spot, such as a bridge piercing, use steps four and five.
  3. Pour some of the saline solution in a shot glass. Sit down and lean your head back. Flip the shot glass upside down over the piercing. The solution will not pour out because your skin and the rim of the glass form a vacuum. Leave the glass in place, soaking the piercing, for five minutes. 
  4. Cut a piece of gauze and let it soak in the saline solution. It should be dripping wet. Hold the gauze against the piercing for five minutes. If the piercing is near the eyes, keep them closed to prevent any of the saline solution from getting into them.
  5. Rinse the facial piercing with warm water. Pour the water over the piercing with your head facing down over the sink. Any gauze that may have stuck to the piercing will wash away.
  6. Air-dry the piercing. Towels and cloths will leave behind pieces of fiber that may prevent proper healing
  7. Clean the piercing with anti-microbial soap. This is easily done in the shower. Apply a small amount of soap to the piercing. Make sure to clean the whole piercing but do not scrub. Immediately rinse off the soap. Do not lean your head back to rinse off the soap. Instead, lean forward so the soap falls to the tub.
  8. Remove crust build-up with warm compress. Do not pick at it.

Follow the LITHA rule: leave it the hell alone. It is not necessary to turn a piercing while it is healing. Different facial piercings have different healing times. For proper facial piercing care, clean the piercing for a few months but make sure you know how long your specific piercing takes to heal.

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