Fact And Opinion Games

Fact and opinion games are a good way to test your knowledge with fun activities to play with a party or a small gathering. These games will test everyday knowledge and knowledge of an specific category. Many of the questions may not be in your typical knowledge base but will generally test how well read you are. Here are five of the best fact and opinion games out there.

  1. Jeopardy Jeopardy is one of the most popular fact and opinion games out there known for its "what is" or "who is" answer format. This fact and opinion game has been parodied many times and has become a pop culture staple.
  2. Balderdash This is a great fact and opinion game in a word-based format. There are obscure words on the card and each player creates their own definition. The opinions of all of the players are taken to what the word's real definition is. If someone picks your definition, you get a point. This is another great game that will test the knowledge of all players
  3. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? This is a multiple choice fact and opinion game. The player will get four answers to each question. A player's knowledge is tested when he let's his opinion or the opinions of the people helping them out sneak into their conscious. This game has become another pop culture staple. Its popularity has fallen off a bit since Regis stopped hosting, but the game is still fun none the less.
  4. The Price is Right Bob Barker, the host of The Price is Right, is one of the most iconic game show personalities. He has appeared in everything from commercials to Adam Sandler movies. The Price is Right is a great fact and opinion game. People estimate the price of different household items. The contestants with the closest guess wins and goes to stage to play a pricing game.
  5. Crosswords Alright, this game isn't like the rest of the games on this list. That is the best thing about crossword puzzles though. Pick up a magazine or the newspaper and you will find a crossword puzzle. It tests your knowledge as you fill out the puzzle and stumble upon your guesses being wrong. When you get all the facts filled in, there is a feeling of accomplishment.
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