Facts About Child Abuse

Here are ten facts about child abuse that will open up your eyes. Millions of children will be abused this year according to the statistics. Many will die from the abuse also. Some will grow up and never get over the abuse when they were children and some will commit suicide trying to forget.

  1. What is Child Abuse? Child abuse is more than the physical aspect of a beating. The simple truth about child abuse facts is that child abuse comes in many forms to include: physical, emotional and sexual. Child abuse would include anything that causes harm including torture, sacrificing and depriving on food, water and medicine (neglect).
  2. Millions of Children Abused. In 2009, the US Department of Human Services released these facts concerning child abuse: 3.7 million children had been abused and 2.5 million had been victims of maltreatment.  1,770 had died at the hands of their abusers and 79% of those killed were children under four years old.  
  3. Ages and Types of Children Abused. It was also disclosed by the US Department of Human Services that approximately 51% of the children abused were girls, 48% were boys and 6% were not reported. Caucasian children were in the highest group of abused children totaling 44% and African American children were the second highest with 23%. Other children that were abused included: Hispanic, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, and Pacific Islander.  
  4. Parents are the Worse Abusers. 80% percent of all child abusers are their parents. In 2009 it was reported that 1 out of every 601 children, had been abused in one form or the next. Reports state that 8 out of 10 sexual abuse cases come from within the family circle.  
  5. Neglect is the Highest Form of Child Abuse.  Neglect amounted to 78% of the child abuse cases. It is also noted that only 1 out of 3 cases of abuse are ever reported. Many times the silent abuser gets away. Children are afraid to report the abuse out of love for the parent or fear for further punishment.
  6. Physical Abuse. Approximately 17% of the child abuse reported is from actual physical abuse. One fourth of all girls who are victims or child abuse will be sexually molested before the age of seventeen and for the boys, it equals to one sixth. Physical abuse comes in many forms to include sexual attacks, rape, beatings and torture acts. The abuser may use knives, switches, belts, clubs and restraints. The child abuse facts indicate further that the physical abuse could include shaking, throwing, burning and kicking.
  7. Prison Inmates. 84% of all prison inmates had been victims of child abuse in one form or the next. Facts on child abuse further state that a son that is abused will more than likely abuse his spouse and children.  
  8. Drug Abuse.  Approximately 100 babies are born to drug addicted mothers each month. Thirteen children of drug addicted mothers are abused regularly each month. Children of addicted parents will more than likely become addicts their self. One third of children that were abused by drug addicted parents will grow up to abuse their children.
  9. Sexual Abuse Cases. Recent studies show that sexual abuse amounts to approximately 11%. Sexual abuse and molestation facts state that victims cannot recover easily and need guidance and counseling for sometimes years. Sexual assaults may leave its victims feeling worthless and unworthy of love.  Sexual assaults mainly focus on power and not the thrill of sex itself.
  10. Emotional Abuse Hard to Prove. Physical abuse can be easily proven due to the marks it leaves, but emotional abuse leaves no outside marks. Facts on child abuse must include the scars left by constant criticism and attacks. Emotional abuse leaves the child feeling low, unworthy and useless. Children seeking the love of their parents may not ever report this type of abuse.


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