Facts About Dreams

Every night we dream, but do you know many facts about dreams? Most facts about dreams have been researched and discovered since about the 1980's. Scientists have found many facts about dreams, including that most dreaming happens during deep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep that occurs for about two hours per night. Here are more facts about dreams:

  1. What do we dream about? According to research involving thousands of dream reports, only about 10% of dreams are sexual. The majority of dreams people remember are bad ones. When asked what they want to dream about, women would choose adventure and romance. Men would choose to dream about having sex with a stranger. Nakedness, flying, and falling are very common dream elements.
  2. Sigmund Freud was a repressed dude. Can we believe what he thought is right? A famous early psychiatrist, he theorized that our dreams are expressions of unfulfilled desires. Does that mean you really want to have that green monster serve you and Batman pistachio ice cream while running away from the Riddler? Many modern dream researchers question Freud's so called facts about dreams.
  3. How about a nightcap or two? When you drink alcohol before bed, you affect the quality of sleep you get. You will sleep, but not deeply. You will not dream as much as you otherwise would.
  4. What about Fido and Bonzo the Chimp? Since many other species experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and have sleep cycles a lot like ours, it is possible they have dreams. Just watch your dog kick in his sleep. That must mean he's chasing a rabbit in his dreams, right?



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