Facts About Drugs

To know all the facts about drugs, you would have to read the literature for the next year or so. The facts listed here are unique and something you may never thought of. Drugs come in many forms, including addiction to sugar. Sugar is now being considered a drug because of ts addictive properties and the health problems it causes. Some traditional drugs you would think of, such as heroin and cocaine, top our list of the most dangerous drugs.

  1. Statistics about drug use and addictions. One out of five people between the ages of sixteen and 59 have been reported to have taken some form of addictive drug; more men than women have done drugs. Marijuana is the most common type of drug used. More people take drugs than vitamins! Most people who experiment with drugs never become addicted. Drug abuse is surely the number one social disease in America. Addictive behavior is life changing and it will destroy lives and families and leave victims on the streets.
  2. The world's most dangerous drugs. There are many drugs that can cause death, but they are not the only ones that can. The top drugs are heroin, cocaine, barbiturates, street meth, alcohol, amphetamines and tobacco. Drugs that are on the lower part of the list are marijuana, solvents, LSD and ecstasy. Many people have died from a mixture of alcohol and drugs. In other words, live smart and drink orange juice instead.
  3. Marijuana vs. methamphetamine. In today’s news we see that marijuana is being used to treat many diseases and with a prescription you can use medicinal marijuana in some states. Although it seems to be used to treat diseases, marijuana is also the number one drug used that leads to other drug use. Methamphetamines causing more people to end up in the emergency room and it seems it is the drug of choice since it is so easy to make. Some cold medicines even have removed pseudoephedrine from their ingredients because it's a key ingredient in meth. Meth is a drug that has fewer penalties under law, but it causes almost as much dependency as cocaine.
  4. Celebrities and drugs, both alive and dead. Does money cause celebrities to seek a high or are they just trying to be part of the in crowd? Either way, famous celebrities who experimented drugs include Robert Downey Jr., Whitney Houston, Drew Barrymore, Nick Nolte and Nicole Richards. Although most celebrites have beaten their addictions, some are still struggling. Those who died from drug overdose included Heath Ledger, Elvis Presley, Anna Nicole Smith and John Belushi. Some of the more famous stars we know today died of pharmaceutical cocktails and one of the saddest examples is Michael Jackson.
  5. Addictive substances considered to be drugs. Although smoking and alcohol are not considered to be drugs, they can be more addictive than many lethal drugs on the market. Research was done on mice and they discovered that nicotine caused the appetite to increase instead of decrease. Smoking is the number one preventable death in the world. It's the leading cause of lung cancer and is listed as number nine on the list of most dangerous drugs. Alcohol addiction has many health-related illnesses such as liver disease and cancer and is number five on the list of the most dangerous drugs. Just try and convince an alcoholic to give up drinking or lose his wife. Most alcoholics will always choose the booze.



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