Fade Haircut

Learn how to cut a fade haircut to achieve an easily styled, short and popular hairstyle. The fade haircut starts very short at the bottom, grows longer until the top of the head and fades together neatly. It's extremely popular due to its versatility and classic look.

To style a fade haircut, you will need:

  • Clippers
  • Clipper guards
  • Clipper lubricating oil
  • Comb
  • Mirror
  • Tissues
  1. Drip clipper lubricating oil onto the blades of the clippers. Let a few drops of the clipper lubricating oil fall onto the clipper blades. Coat the blade completely. Wipe off any excess lubricating oil with a tissue.
  2. Attach the shortest clipper guard onto the clippers. The fade haircut starts with very short hair that gradually gets longer until the top of the head. Short guard clippers will give a short haircut, and long guard clippers will give a long haircut.
  3. Place the clippers at the nape of the neck. Face the teeth of the clipper guard face upwards. Move the clippers upwards to shave two inches past the hairline. Gradually pull the clippers outward as it reaches two inches.
  4. Shave the hairline. Using the clippers, continue shaving two inches upward on the hairline. Shave around the ears and sides of the head.
  5. Turn off the clippers, and remove the clipper guard. Attach a clipper guard that is two levels up. If the clipper was level one before, attach a level three clipper guard.
  6. Place the clippers at the nape of the neck with the teeth of the guard facing upwards. Shave three inches upwards. Use the clippers to shave three inches upwards around the hairline; the sides of the head, the nape of the neck and the ears.
  7. Power down the clippers and remove the clipper guard. Attach the longest clipper guard, or a clipper guard two levels up.
  8. Shave the top of the hair. Place the clippers at the top of the head, and shave all the hair off.
  9. Check the hair for uneven lines. Comb through the hair, and look in the mirror to check for uneven lines. Blend visible lines with the clipper and appropriate guard.

Do not apply excessive pressure while holding the clippers, so the fade haircut does not come out uneven.

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