Faith Tattoos For Men

Faith tattoos for men have been common in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the 15th Century, and continue to the present day. In the Western world, faith tattoos range from biblical quotes or passage numbers to more secular faith tattoos that speak of faith and hope. If you’re considering ornamenting your body with a sign of your faith, take a look at these types of faith tattoos for men, which can be matched with a more delicate version for women.

  1. Secular faith-word tattoos. Derived as much from the Japanese culture as the Judo-Christian bible, secular word tattoos for men spell words such as “Hope” or “Faith” in beautiful calligraphy. Such tattoos may appear in couplets on the back of both hands, on the wrist or the palm.
  2. Secular image-word tattoos. More artistic than secular word tattoos, ones that add a beautiful image create a more personal faith tattoo for men. For example, black eagle wings associated with Harley Davidson become a faith tattoo when a red heart is inserted between them with the word “Faith” at its center.
  3. Fantasy faith tattoos. Visually pleasing and metaphoric, fantasy faith tattoos for men make their religious statement with an image. Angel tattoos are a good example of Christian faith tattoos, while Ancient Egyptian tattoos represent Islam. Fantasy faith tattoos come in a wide range of sizes and colors fit for every part of the male body.
  4. Religious symbol faith tattoos. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduis all have a unique symbol associated with the faith. Such faith tattoos for men make a generic religious statement, like saying “I believe in this.” Tattoos like the Star-of-David or the Cross are typically black and small and look good on narrow parts of the male body, like the ankle or wrist.
  5. Artistic symbol faith tattoos. To make a more defined religious statement, faith tattoos for men combine religious symbols with other elements unique to that religious. For example, a cross may be ornamented with two praying hands holding a rosary. Such tattoos are more artistic and may be crafted from color, to resemble a pencil sketch, or from various hues to recreate the illusion of a painting. Because of their dramatic effect, such faith tattoos for men are typically displayed on large exposed areas of the male body like the chest, biceps or shoulder-blade.
  6. Religious number faith tattoos. More religious than any other faith tattoos, religious number tattoos consist of the name of a biblical book , chapter and verse. Just as the painter Thomas Kinkade signs his paintings with John 3:16 (“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”) Only those who know the passage can understand the meaning, making such faith tattoos for men more personal and meaningful on a religious level.

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