Fallout 1 Mods

Mods for "Fallout 1" take the Vault Dweller's experience much more exciting and perilous for the benefit of PC gamers who enjoy the old school RPG. "Fallout 1" started the franchise as gamers fight to survive the post apocalyptic nightmare and the mods help intensify the PC game. Mods add many numerous enemies, weapons and enhancements for "Fallout 1" that keep the original fresh and active for PC gamers who want to revisit the wastes of Southern California. The Vaults are filled with all types of hazards in "Fallout 1" and the mods only increase the tension as PC gamers battle against the odds. The mods for "Fallout 1" puts the fine wine in a new bottle for many PC gamers to enter the nuclear holocaust and fight for their survival.

  1. Fallout Revisited. The weapons in "Fallout 1" are necessary tools in order to survive the enemies of the wastes who try to kill the Vault Dweller. Download this mod online after installing the original game from the CD which changes the stats to make the weapons and armor to be more realistic for gamers.
  2. Fallout Update Mod. "Fallout 1" like any piece of media goes through many revisions in order to create a more lean experience for gamers to enjoy minus the filler. Download this mod online after installing the original game from the CD that restores many of these that ended up in the cutting room floor such as Shady Sands, Junktown, The Hub, Adytum, and the Brotherhood of Steel.
  3. Fallout NPC Mod. Throughout the gamer's travels, other characters or NPCs can join the journey and help fight off the hazards that plague the wastes. Dowload this mod online after installing the original game from the CD that allows NPCs Ian, Katja and Tycho to increase in level, change armor and tactics.



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