Fallout 3 Bobblehead Locations

The “Fallout 3” bobblehead locations range from obvious to annoyingly hard. That little blond man in his little blue suit is worth it though. How or when you collect any bobblehead is part of the game strategy because you can max out some of your stats and then waste a bobblehead when you could have definitely used it at an earlier level.

  1. Strength. This is one of the “Fallout 3” bobblehead locations you can miss if you blow up the town it is located in. The strength bobblehead is found in the town of Megaton at Lucas Simm's house. If you are too low level to pick the lock, you can always kill Lucas to get the key.
  2. Perception. In the Republic of Dave go to the museum. This is one of the easier “Fallout 3” bobblehead locations. Just look on the book shelf.
  3. Charisma. “Fallout 3” is all about shelters. This bobblehead is found in the Vault 108 cloning lab. It will be in plain sight on a desk.
  4. Intelligence. In Rivet city you will visit a science lab to progress the story. Scour the messy desks to spy this bobblehead.
  5. Agility. Not all areas need to be vistited to progress the “Fallout 3” story. Some bobblehead locations are off the beaten track and this one of them. Go to Greener Pasture Disposal Site and look for a desk near the locked terminal.
  6. Luck. This bobblehead is in plain sight in the basement of the Arlignton house at the Arlignton cemetery. The tricky part is getting there. You need to catch a train at the Marigold Metro Station.
  7. Barter. “Fallout 3” has many aptly named characters like Smiling Jack who never smiles. The barter bobblehead is in the Bazaar next to this cheery fellow.
  8. Big guns. This is one of the easier “Fallout 3” bobblehead locations because you find it during gameplay. At the CO headquarters, look inside a blown out safe.
  9. Energy weapons. This is one of the “Fallout 3” bobblehead locations that sucks if you miss it because there is no going back. At the bottom of Raven rock is Colonel Autumn's bedroom. Like most bobbleheads, it is on the desk. Grab it before you leave because the door locks.
  10. Explosives. This bobblehead is hard to see and many “Fallout 3” websites have a map to point you exactly where the elusive manhole cover is. Behind the WKML station is a rock pile. Look here.
  11. Lockpick. In Bethesda the bobblehead is on a desk. Yes there are many desks but only two with working lights. Look for the prize on the right one.
  12. Medicine. “Fallout 3” is a family game and you are looking for your dad. On his desk at the beginning of the game is this bobblehead.
  13. Melee weapons. This is one of the easier “Fallout 3” bobblehead locations though not part of the game. Just look carefully in the Dunwich building rather than cruising through it. It is in the Virulent Underchamber.
  14. Repair. “Fallout 3” has karma and if you can't pick locks you will suffer because you will be forced to steal or kill. This bobblehead is in Evan King's locked house.
  15. Science. This is one of the bobblehead locations you will find simply playing “Fallout 3”. Look in Vault 106 in the quarters.
  16. Small guns. This bobblehead is found at the National Guard Armory in the storage room. This is an optional area so prepare to leap through some hoops to get anything done.
  17. Sneak. “Fallout 3” is all about exploring. This bobblehead is located Yao Gui tunnels. Look for the lake with bodies and find it floating on a box.
  18. Speech. Yet another “Fallout 3” bobblehead found on a desk. You will find it playing the game in Paradise Falls at Eulogy's Pad. If you are in doubt, Paradise Falls is in the dead center of your map.
  19. Unarmed. “Fallout 3” has ghouls. This bobblehead is found on the ghoul Argyle who is collapsed beneath a big party banner they light up night. This strange sights found by going west from Smith Casey's Garage in Rockopolis. 
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