Fallout 3 Cheats

"Fallout 3" cheats grant gamers the ability to survive the harsh landscape of the Wasteland once they emerge from the security of the Vault. The remnants of the fallen world haunts every inch of the ruins as the battle for control of the city overshadows its inhabitants. Gamers must negotiate their way from the mutants and murderers to broken pockets of humanity in makeshift towns. The Brotherhood of Steel, Super Mutants, Slavers, and other menaces lurk in every corner of the Wasteland and eradicate anyone or anything that stands in their way. Cheats for "Fallout 3" increase the odds of survival in the ravaged terrain as the quest to salvage society from desolation and desperation.

  1. Earn Infinite Caps. Go to any shop in the city and make sure you have a high priced item like a weapon that is not 100% condition as well as available in the vendor's inventory. Sell your item to the vendor then buy back the cheapest of the two identical items and repeat the process until the item is more expensive then when you originally sold it to the vendor. The difference in caps will add to your total until the vendor runs out of caps. 
  2. Find a Friend. The Wasteland in "Fallout 3" can be a cruel place , but it doesn't have to be a lonely one when travelling the rough terrain. Here is a list of places where one can find a friend to survive the hazards of the Wasteland depending on your Karma status. Dogmeat is located in the Scrapyard (Karma does not apply). Butch is located in Rivet City once "Trouble on the Homefront" quest is done (Neutral Karma). Sergeant RI-3 is purchased from the Tinker (Neutral Karma). Fawkes is available once rescued in Vault 87 (Good Karma). Star Paladin Cross is located in the Citadel (Good Karma). Jericho is located at Megaton (Evil Karma). Clover is available once purchased at Paradise Falls. Charon joins once his contract is bought in the Underworld (Karma does not apply).
  3. Locate Jack the Ripper. This should not be confused with the actual serial killer but a stronger version of the Ripper weapon in "Fallout 3." Go down to the middle area of the Deathclaw Sanctuary to find a pile of corpses. Look for the dead Enclave officer beside the giant ant and search to find Jack the Ripper to use against any foe who dares try to mess with you.
  4. Gain the Prototype Medic Power Armor. Go to Old Olney and locate a manhole at the southern most street. Enter the sewers and negotiate the tunnels until you reach a ladder b ut beyond it is a fallen Brotherhood of Steel soldier. Take the Prototype Medic Power Armor and not only have a suit that heals the damaged limbs with your available Med-X but also talks to you as well!



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